#Art DeBrand

I have just launched my new project: #Art DeBrand and set up a Facebook page on  and a Twitter account on very exciting!!

I will be seeking for collaborations to organize a group show in London to question art branding. For an artist, there are certain appealing factors on becoming an art "branded artists", such as being recognizable, hence collectible. My quest is to establish and investigate also the other side of the coin.  How about originality? How about trademarks? If you are a brand, you will need to copyright your name and perhaps artwork? And in doing so, would you not run into the risk of limiting artistic interaction with your other artists who might wish to take your art production into a new level? it automatically becomes difficult for other artists to critique as they might infringe your copyrights... Artist think! There are implications in becoming a brand, unless of course, our only aim is to protect our lable and behave like any luxury brand with no interest whatsoever in being part of artistic critique and progress for our society.

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