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Is the birth of the artist-entrepreneur the death of modern art?

2 years ago
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The contemporary artist is no longer the solitary genius or the super skillful artisan of the past, but rather a producer who commissions others to realise ideas. Is this new work approach killing modern art and the modern artist?
2 years ago
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In my view, this is a true statement of reality.
At the same time, this definition does not imply any positive or negative judgements.
I think this reflect the artistic condition of modern times, and it relates to the "freedom/autonomy" of the artistic work itself. Since the XX cent. several factors have determined the idea of artist being an entrepeneur: the end of commission (artists working for authorities), the institutional-critique, new contexts for the artistic-practices, the autonomy of arts, practices and representations, the communication in the postmodern condition and globalization. In my opinion, all these aspects have determined this new role for the artist-entrepreneur.
It is a such a contemporary issue. It would be interesting to follow the development of this debate.
2 years ago
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Artists have always had to be entrepreneur - working alongside patrons / museums/ institutions & curators.
Art had always been fueled by wealth and power, but contemporary art is seeing the emergence of artists who are more wealthy and more powerful than the very patrons etc who helped to 'create' them
2 years ago
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That's an intersting point! However, I think that the birth of the artist-entrepreneur is not completely new. Artists used to be entrepreneurs of their own even in the Renaissance era (Michelangelo, Rafael..). It is more about the notion of artist which evolved through the centuries. Contemporary artists are completely different from the old masters not only because of the changes of value chain but also because of the 'evolution of art' itself. So, maybe there is no real date of death of modern art as there is no date of birth of the artist-entrepreneur (has been happening through history)?
2 years ago
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Echoing a previous contributor artists have always had to be entrepreneurs to some extent or at least entrepreneurial in their approach. As for modern art some would say this was already dead by the 1980's while others would say it describes contemporary art.
2 years ago
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The artist entrepreneur is not new. Creativity, innovation and design have been central to the development of the world as we know it.  Collaboration of artists with each other and with skilled artisans is growing in popularity along with artists being entrepreneurial.  Some would argue that being an entrepreneur is an art in itself!  Andy Warhol once famously said "Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art"

What defines Modern Art in 2015?
2 years ago
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What about a more than obvious attempt for attention by piggybacking celebrity artists, big fleas have little fleas ......

Try spending some profitable time in a garret
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Dear last Guest, shame you have not left your name. This is an exhibition that seeks for a dialogue with the public and provokes mass art branding, "celebritism" and people like you. True to say I needed famous artists for this project and I have chosen three I really esteem. You might wish to read my press release to learn more about the NFP research study nature of this project .
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It is a phase of art, like modernism or post-modernism.  The act of being an entrepreneur has become the canvas as a genre of art - take Hirst, his dot prints are not valuable because there are only 10 of them and they are rare, they are valuable because there are hundreds of thousands of them and instantly recognisable, the print is not the art, the change of attitude/the reversal of attitude to editions of prints is. It is his ability to change our thinking, to emotionally own dots as he does skulls - he wasn't the first to use them, he made and moved forward the thinking on branding in a wider social context, he made this his canvas ...  
As each movement of art establishes a new collective consciousness it's understanding is taken into the next realm of art or movement.  However, entrepreneurial art as a movement is getting a bit old and so like Dada or fauvism it is still relevant and will be inherent in new movements in art, although it is no longer in and of itself art.  It is nothing new, it is old fashioned, subsumed by the new but not defining it. NW
2 years ago
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NW thank you for your comment I think it's very clearly formulated and informed. I think that what is new about the artist-entrepreneur today is what the social media and the internet have brought to the profession in terms of ability to network, publicity and independence. In the past, I would have need to seek for someone to publish a catalogue to explain the aims of critique and review of Brand Art Sensation, instead here we are able to discuss and express our thoughts. I think it's a wonderful era for the artist-entrepreneur!