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Are artworks and luxury goods of equal value to society?

2 years ago
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I think there are more angles. One, it is regarding the application of art in everyday life or for businesses; and another one, it is an art project proposing a search or a relation regarding business and trade.
Moreover, in my opinion, frequently art is put into the same consideration of luxury goods merely for the high prices necessary for buying all of them in comparison of the other available goods or their obvious use; and that's a common point or a coincidence. I read here, we can deduce the equality about the reasons why art and luxury goods are finally bought, but I think we have an important difference about the motivation and the method to make them and, consequently, the artist (for the art work) and the businessman (for the goods) put those kind of prices.
About art, when you buy a piece, you don't buy simply and exclusively that piece but the idea and all the experiences, efforts and reflections the artist required to carry out that piece. As artist, thus, I feel that the whole my life drove me to my current artworks, therefore it's like if the collector buys a piece of my life. Now, I move in London from my country, thus the quoted value of my pieces (especially the next projects) certainly will grow up because I'm enhancing (or merely changing) my experience and, consequently, my path.
That's the main distinction between (high) art and goods, for me.
I remember one my last exhibition: a woman insisted to say that the price of a piece she wanted to buy was too much high. "I think it's too much for a photograph", was her last sentence, so I replied: "Well, you can do in this way: go to the newspaper kiosk, buy a magazine and so by spending 5 Euro only you have hundreds of photos".
Thanks for the attention, sorry for my imprecise English.
one year ago
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No, because  Artworks for some, it can be a necessity.  
Artworks is the way to keep representation to the moment and it's meaning including the  emotional  attachment representing  feelings towards  someone or a place.
Artworks  represents Culture and belongs to time, moments to everyone, in  fact, it is a history alive.
Appreciation and the comfort to belong to something like Artwork is not luxury it is a necessity to keep the history of society, even when some people only buy art for investment they are still keeping the history. (Place and People)